Saturday, May 18, 2013

Christmas, a New Year, and finally Spring!

baskets made up and ready to go out

The girl scouts paid us a visit around Christmas.  We taught them to make goat milk cheese, and in the Spring, we got a lovely cookie gift from them:)

Elijah wwoofed with his mom...

Bonni and they helped me out more than they will ever know!

We had cinnamon buns for Christmas breakfast

My first attempt at Apple Cider Vinegar.  It was a failure:(

January brought wwoofers, Katherine and Laura.  They helped with the collards, built on the cottage, and learned to quilt.

Construction well on it's way!

Katherine and Laura standing up the framework

Chickens love our wwoofers!

Finally getting the roof on

Allen came to help us out with the hard parts.  He rocks!!!
Katherine and Laura quilting away

kraut up to our elbows

Hey goats...I've got a present for you>:)

Steve invents the soap miter 3000,

and I finally get to quilt some:)

A little bit of ice can go a long way!

The cosmetology school came for a visit and I taught them to make soap

Ducks cleaning up those worms for us

Our wwoofer Rachel trying her hand at the tiller

and mucking.

Athena thought it was both a good laugh:)

Steve keeping his duck in a row

Christmas was so hectic and the Saturday after I came down with a sinus infection, then bronchitis and after that another sinus infection.  Total sick time - three months.  I thought I would never feel good again.  But when spring sprung, we were ready.  Got the tiller out and plowed the garden, pulled up all the junipers with the help of Rachel and Jonathan, and then wwoofstock.  Read more in the next post.

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