Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sun, Stars, and Hose Water

Here it is! My new Nutramill 5000 LOL! I don't think it's actually a 5000 but man can it grind up some wheat berries:) We are eating fresh bread everyday thanks to this baby!
Bread making couldn't be more simple and easy. Water, flour, yeast, salt, and brown sugar.
Those glowing little baby goats...I could just eat them up!
Rosemary and mint beds. We should have plenty for the year.
Four kinds of lettuce for fresh salads every night of the week.
The herb bed sharing it's home with 18 asparagus plants. Looking forward to pesto, bread dip, and fresh made sausage with the sage.
Kale and broccoili did well together. The broccoili shades the kale so it won't bolt, and we are eating the larger leave on the broccoili so the kale keeps growning and the broccoili puts more nutrients into making the spears and not the leaves.
So we are off and running into this big and beautiful summer. The sun has been out every day for over a week. The goats are enjoying evenings looking at the stars. And the hose water never tasted better, just ask the ducks! Everything has greened up on the farm and looks amazing again. It's a work in progress, always. But I would rather have a work in progress than lawn...who can eat lawn??? So we have a bigger garden, more raised beds and now that I met Clarence we will get more boards to have even more raised beds;) Oh and a new goat barn, chicken coop, outdoor shower, and guest lodge. Hmmm...let's see how far we can go with this sustainablility thing:) I'm so excited too for the building of a cob oven this summer. I can bake pizzas and bread in no time flat in that little number!