Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food Triggers

LOL! I wanted to post the picture of me jumping over the fire at the finish line of the Warrior Dash, but since we are talking about food triggers I guess this one is more appropriate. I was in my car a few days ago and we were headed into town. All of the sudden I got the urge to eat a drive thru breakfast bisquit. Just out of the blue. Where did that come from??? I had just eaten breakfast before I left the house. I wasn't even hungry. I can't even remember where I was headed now (old age) but at the time I remember thinking this is a food trigger. It comes up on you when you are headed out to do something you would normally associate with eating. I guess if you were stressed or not thinking or tired or whatever else, you might just pull in and numb the darn trigger. But it got me thinking. How many times a day do we get these epic mental flatulations? How many times do we simply ignore them or stop them in their tracks and how many times do we just give in? I suppose this would be one of those times when a little baggie of celery just won't cut it so redirecting wouldn't help.

Like the other night. Steve was a little cabin feverish so I suggested we go to Ingle's the grocery store around the corner from us. We needed a few items and it was late, but hey it would be fun. While we were in there, Steve said, "I need something snacky." So I said, "Sweet or Savory." Hoping it would be savory and we could indulge together cause that's what I was craving! Dorian suggested we get a pizza - Hello we shot that one down quick. Then Steve expressed that he could eat a whole package of Oreos and get him out of the store quick. Isaac, my ever thoughtful offspring said, "You know, we have all that frozen fruit at home, and we are buying some Greek yogurt, we could make something with that at home." Brilliant, my little star of the evening!!! What would we do without him:) I quickly checked out and got Steve home before he could do any damage to the cookie aisle.

After I got home from Fitness Ridge my mind was so programed to only eat what I knew I could have. As I have been home and around more foods, it is harder to stay away from things that tempt me. But, I have made a discovery. I now know when I'm being tempted and I know the kinds of things that tempt me. Big Cheez Its...can I get an amen? I know they swear it's the same recipe as those dried up scrawny sized ones, but I think not! So much big cheese flavor I can't help myself, so I have vowed to stay away. Cheese in general. If I believed in reincarnation it would be impossible for me to have been anything other than a rat in a previous life. Sauces, OK, Chef helped me with this one. Substitution and moderation right. I've done good with this one since sauce is one of those things that life is worth living for (especially the green chili sauce!) Sour cream - always buying the Light one now. And steak??? You bet ya! I love a juicy steak. I would do without meat for a week to get one. So that's pretty much it except for a little chocolate hit about once a month. That's also not so bad. At least I know what to stay away from when I go shopping. I try to stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Veggies, fruits, meats, and dairy skipping the processed middle of the store. Nothing in the boxes that only appear to be food but are really some form of food wanna be.

Now for the food triggers. They come on when I am out running errands, because the old me would throw in a drive thru with my shopping. When we are going on a picnic. I prefer BoJangle's chicken to sandwiches, but that just make you feel like garbage. When we go to the movies the popcorn smell KILLS me. I try to remember to pop some at home and stuff it in a big purse. Come on, you know you've done it;)

What are your triggers? We all have different ones. Get out a piece of paper and write them down. Know when to expect them and be ready. I'm finding there are hidden ones that keep popping up from time to time. I am doing battle with these guys because it matters. I didn't bust my butt to lose all this weight for nothing. I want to continue doing well and feeding my family well and exercising. Eat less - Move more! And keep the finger off the trigger;)


  1. I would love to buy some of your products, especially the jamaica me crazy lotions! How can I get some?

    1. Susan please email me at thethankfulgoat@gmail.com and visit my blog www.thethankfulgoat.blogspot.com for pictures and a list of products and prices. I do ship and would be happy to send you what you need:)