Monday, May 14, 2012

And the Rains Began to Fall...

Our chicken girls helping till up the compost
The garden is all planted now.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, and more.
Dorian inspecting some of the new plants
Compare the mint and rosemary beds to previous pics, they were so little!
We have been eating kale and broccoili for weeks!
Memaw can't eat with you in the hay box
One of our beautiful heads of Romaine lettuce
The herb bed has gone CRAZY!!!
This is Cuban Beef.  It is really interesting with potatoes, raisins, green olives, and tomato sauce, among other things;)
Broccoili leaves and kale stir fryed.  Delicious!
Turkey and veggies pizza and 'Olive Garden' salad
This is a delicious potato soup that we ate in the Sinai, Egypt.  Simple, but wonderful!
Ground turkey greek pita and roasted brussel sprouts.
Our first double yoke egg from the new chicken girls.

We helped load and watched the bucklings ride away yesterday.  Although I know they are going to a great farm in the mountains, I still miss them today.  We planted the garden for three hours in the rain.  The boys really stepped up to the plate.  Dorian and Isaac took turns planting rows of vegetables and I wish we could have gotten pictures of us when we were done!  Covered head to toe in red mud - that was us!  Tomorrow we go to the airport to pick up our first WWOOFer.  She will be here for a few weeks helping us build the new goat barn, chicken coop, and hopefully a new guest cottage for the back yard.  We will also be beefing up the Thankful Goat product line for the Pop Ferguson festival that will happen on June 9th.  Downtown jazz festival in Lenoir, NC  Come out and see us if you can.  There will be some great Jazz groups and individuals from all over the country performing live right here!