Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weather Wonderful

I love going to the garden in the morning and seeing what I get. It's better than an Easter egg hunt.

Trimmed down the basil plants and hung them in herb bouquets from the line.

Cherry Cheesecake made lowfat and lowsugar with stewed cherries, Greek yogurt, stevia, and graham crackers.

We are currently getting a bumper crop of peppers.

Here are my basil bouquets ready to hang

All that basil from four plants. What a wonderful aroma.

Turkey sausage, collard, and black eyed pea stew. Ahearty and wonderfully filling CHEAP meal. 6 servings at about $6.

Baby ducks taking their first swim.

Around the farm, we get friends and strangers all the time coming by to learn how to milk. Our friend Tina being taught by my son, Isaac. Tina's family wants to get a milk goat for their farm.

Beautiful Rosemary.

Butternut Squash Lasagne. What could be better. It has a sage white sauce and cheese.

Rabbit stew; we raise our own rabbits. They are great roasted, grilled or in stew like this.

Loads and loads of pickled everything:)

That is a 26 quart pot full to overflowing with cucumbers.

some random veggies.

Our garden is in full swing. We are getting tomatoes, squash, basil, mint, oregano, sage, rosemary,zuchini, cucumbers, three kinds of peppers, cantalope, beans, watermelons, and onions. I love it when I have enough veggies that I can make pesto, salsa, pico de gallo, and salad dressing all in the same haul.

The Thankful Goat soap business is starting back onto full swing and it's almost time to gather together all the art for the county fair. We start back homeschooling next week. Where has the summer gone? Our lives are about to get busy with homeschool band, Scottish Highlander band, and art lessons. Latin DVDs will be heard in the mornings and computer Spanish in the afternoons. Still, life is good on Pretty Farm. Our goat girls will be loading into the truck to go be breed soon, and the cycle of life begins again.

Peaceful, that's where we are. Living life large. It's gooooood as Athena would say:)

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